VE Macy Park

VE Macy Park – Saw Mill River Rd Ardsley NY United States

Located in Ardsley, VE Macy Park is Westchester County’s oldest park. Originally called Woodlands Park, it was renamed in 1926 for V. Everit Macy, the county’s first public welfare commissioner and later its first parks commission chairman.

The park has 172 acres and offers a wide range of amenities including open green space, a lake for fishing and ice skating and baseball fields. The South County Trailway also runs through the park. Refer to This Web Page!


VE Macy Park is a 172 acre park that has been owned by Westchester County since 1926. It has three separate areas with a large field, a baseball field and a lake that is great for fishing.

This park is a good place to take your kids for a picnic and has lots of open space. The lake is big enough for a family to do some fishing and there are a lot of picnic tables there.

The park also has a playground, sports fields and a skatepark. It also has a gazebo where concerts are held.

Another nice area is Pascone Park, named for highway foreman Louis Pascone who served Ardsley for 61 years from 1949 to 2010. This park has a soccer field, basketball court, 4 tennis courts with lights and a playground.

This park is also home to McDowell Park, named for Wilbur McDowell who severed as Village Justice for 41 years from 1912 to 1953. This park has 4 ball fields, one teeball area, a basketball court, pavilion, snack bar and restrooms.


The 172-acre park has three distinct areas. Located just off Saw Mill River Road (Rte 9A) in Ardsley, the park’s “active recreational” section has a playground, athletic fields and a picnic pavilion. It’s also the location of Westchester County’s newest and largest lake, Woodlands Lake.

The park is also home to the Great Hunger Memorial, a large sculpture that pays homage to the millions of Irish immigrants who flocked to Westchester in the 19th century to escape the potato famine. Another cool thing is the South County Trailway, a pedestrian and bike path that passes the lake. The best part is that the park is free to walk and cycle on. The aforementioned man-made aquatic marvel is now being maintained by a phalanx of volunteers, who are also busy making sure the surrounding area remains a pleasant place to play. The park also has the oh so sexy (and slightly pricey) VE Macy Park Golf Course. Check it out here!

Picnic Areas

Located right off Saw Mill River Rd, Ardsley NY United States, this 172 acre park is divided into three different areas. The first area has a big green field, baseball fields and a lake that is perfect for fishing.

The second area is the Woodlands Lake section that has a nice large pond and benches to relax on or just have a picnic. The third is the Great Hunger Memorial which commemorates Ireland’s 19th century famine and features a statue of the Irish people who came to Westchester County to escape poverty and famine.

There is a gazebo and a playground and lots of other activities to do in this park. It is a great place to bring the whole family!


VE Macy Park Saw Mill River Rd Ardsley NY United States is a well-designed and executed park with a number of amenities. There are several areas to choose from ranging from picnic facilities and play structures to hiking trails and a lake for a bit of alfresco dining.

Located in the heart of Ardsley, this 172-acre park has been around since 1926 and is one of the most popular spots in Westchester. Its main draw is the gazebo, which provides a great vantage point to watch the sun set over Woodlands Lake, one of Westchester County’s most picturesque waterways.

A plethora of restrooms, including stand-alone buildings and portable potties, are available throughout the park. The men’s bathroom in particular is worth a mention, for its large toilet and urinal. The best thing about this park is that it doesn’t get overcrowded. Its small size and easy access make it an ideal place to picnic and play, especially in the warmer months. Learn more!

Driving direction from CAPPCO Prowash to V.E Macy Park

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