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Hardie Board Soft Wash: What you need to know

Professional-grade soft wash services are becoming increasingly popular for properties with Hardie Board siding. Soft washes are an effective way of cleaning the external surfaces on your property without causing any damage to the structures themselves, providing a safe and efficient solution that can improve the overall look and aesthetics of a property. This blog post will go into further detail about Hardie Board Soft Wash, breaking down what it is, why you should consider using it, and other important details you should be aware of before making any decisions.

What is Hardie Board Soft Wash and its Benefits

Hardie Board Soft Wash is an effective and economical method for cleaning exterior surfaces such as wood, fiber cement cladding, metal, stucco and brick. The process involves gently applying a low pressure soft wash chemical solution to remove organic matter from the surface without damage or long-term damage. Benefits of Hardie Board Soft Wash include the removal of moss, algae and other buildup, increased longevity of the siding, brightening of colors, improved aesthetics and defense against harmful UV rays. Commercial and residential buildings can benefit greatly from Hardie Board Soft Wash in order to reduce future maintenance costs as well as improve the overall look of the building’s exterior.

Different Types of Hardie Board Soft Wash Solutions

When it comes to cleaning the exterior of a building, there are a variety of Hardie Board Soft Wash solutions available. Depending on the job at hand, each solution contains different power levels to effectively and safely remove dirt, grease, and mildew without damaging the surface. For harder surfaces like cementitious siding, higher concentrations with stronger detergents are recommended for optimal results. Furthermore, mild solutions can be used on more delicate substrates including cedar shakes and asphalt shingles. Regardless, all solutions should be applied systematically in order to preserve the life of the exterior’s paint job and restore its overall appearance.

Hardie Board Soft Wash
Hardie Board Soft Wash

The Necessary Steps to Properly Clean Hardie Board 

When it comes to properly cleaning and maintaining your Hardie Board siding, there are certain necessary steps you’ll want to take. First up is a soft wash. This low-pressure clean uses special cleaners along with plenty of water to penetrate the siding surface, lifting away dirt and debris without damaging the surface. Afterward, rinsing thoroughly is essential for a complete clean. By taking these steps regularly, your Hardie Board will stay looking beautiful year after year.

Tips to Protect your Hardie Board after Cleaning 

After soft washing your hardie board siding, there are a few simple steps you can take to maintain its beauty and longevity. For starters, make sure to keep saturating the siding with a high-pressure rinse after the soft wash process to remove any excess loose debris remaining on the surface. Then, use an air hose to lightly blow off remaining moisture so the surface dries as quickly as possible. To further protect your siding, you may also want to consider treating it with a breathable, water-resistant sealant or stain designed specifically for fiber cement surfaces like hardie board. Doing this can help reduce harmful exposure and potential discoloration caused by environmental pollutants while adding another layer of protection from UV rays and moisture damage.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Hardie Board 

When it comes to cleaning Hardie Board, mistakes can easily be made that can cause long-term damage and make it difficult or impossible to restore the material to its original condition. Several of the most commonly made mistakes include using too much water during soft wash, using a brush or abrasive scrubbers on the board, using pressure washers for cleaning, relying solely on bleach solutions and failing to cover nearby plants when applying chemical solutions. Taking care to prevent these mistakes is crucial in ensuring your Hardie Board remains in top condition.

How Long Does It Take for a Hardie Board Soft Wash to be Effective

Soft washing with Hardie Board is an effective and safe way to keep your home looking like new. It only takes a few simple steps to ensure maximum results – pressurizing a special detergent-based solution onto the surface, allowing it to sit for up to 10 minutes, and then rinsing away the dirt and grime. With the right technique, you can have the results you desire in no time! Not only does soft washing with Hardie Board remove stains and discoloration, but it also preserves your siding from future damage caused by mold and mildew. Plus, regular soft washes will keep your home looking as good as new for years to come.

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